At PETSATUR s. r.o. we have many years of experience in importing and exporting raw materials for the production of compound feeds, importing and exporting glycerin and fatty acids within EU countries and supplying biogas stations with raw materials for biogas production.

We belong to major suppliers of raw materials of vegetable and organic origin,
or other components of the compound feed.

We export raw glycerins, distilled glycerins, fatty acids to the feed, fat, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to European countries. We are a business partner of primary agricultural production companies, trading companies and manufacturing, food and chemical companies. Our business activities include both domestic and foreign operations.

  • Raw materials for compound feed production – including petfood
  • Agricultural commodities
  • Glycerins, fatty acids
  • Raw materials for biogas plants


We are committed to being strong for all our customers and reliable partners in the import of goods and its quality.
We import to these countries