80% feed glycerin from Petsatur s.r.o.

Packaging: IBC containers on pallets of 1270 kg, in bulk in the tank

Disclaimer: Glycerol 80%, supplied by PETSATUR Ltd., is a feed for ruminants and mono-gastric animals. It does not contain dioxins, it is free of GMOs and animal tissues. The content of heavy metals and erucic acid does not exceed the specified level in EU countries.

Raw Glycerine from Biodiesel Production – The product does not contain dioxins


Limit Value

Glycerol %wt.

min. 80 81,6

Water %wt.

max. 3,2 1,64

Methanol %wt.

max. 0,2 <0,01

Ash %wt.

max. 3 0,9

Ash insoluble in HCl %wt.

max. 8 4,1

Content Na %wt.

max. 15 13,4