Specification of winterizing cake from PetSatur s.r.o.

The winterizing cake is a by-product that is formed by filtration of the food raw vegetable oil. Crude sunflower oil is mixed with FILTRACEL 450, 950. By gradual cooling, stable and filterable crystals are formed to remove steanines and waxes from the crude oil.

Purpose of use: BPS, feeding purposes (approved by ÚKZUS Praha).

Appearance: Brown, lumpy mass saturated with oil.

The amount of biogas produced: 700 m3 / 1 t.

Price: Deliveries in container about 10 tons (total monthly quantity 40 – 50 tons).

Composition Value
Protein 3%
Fiber 30%
Oils and fats 55%
Ash 1,3%